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Back in 2011, Dudga Construction Plc was registered as a Grade III Building contractor (BC3) with the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction (MoUDC), and has grown to a Grade I Building contractor (BC1) in just four years. The company is on-course to becoming one of the few trusted contractors that is capable to manage huge complex projects. In the company’s six-year brief history, Dugda Construction continues to show great achievements that can be traced in its track records. Its capacity has grown in capital and manpower to meet the changing landscape of the construction industry and customer demands that is the central to its success.

As the company strives to increase its clients’ portfolio across all major sectors, its core practice of tailoring design, construction, technical and management capabilities to meet clients evolving needs is vital to its progress. We also continue to position ourselves by continually investing in new technologies.

Our success is underpinned by its corporate values that are quality, expertise, collaborative approach to business and to provide cost-effective solutions to construction challenges. We continuously implement new strategic operations that maximizes staffs’ performance for consistence. Dugda recognizes that to maintain its continued success it needs to recruit, develop and retain the best talent the country has to offer.

The company has in place a resilient company structure and human resource that is a key role in enhancing the effectiveness and capacity of the company. The management team is versatile, keeps up-to-date with the ever changing market demand and positions themselves to support stakeholders.

Over the last five years, Dugda has greatly invested in new equipment that MoUDC requires and more advanced equipment that helps to accomplish the mission statement and boost general construction operations. This company profile testifies to the enormous amount of investment that the company has undertaken to acquire such state-of-the-art technologies and techniques.

We pride ourselves on having a straight forward mission and strategy. Based on the values of the founding shareholders, that is clear, powerful and relevant to the business challenges of today and tomorrow. Together they form a compelling guide to what our goals are and how we will achieve them.



The establishment

Dudga Construction Plc was established as a Grade 3 Contractor (BC-3)



Our firist project

Dudga Construction Plc successfully completed its first project.



The head office

Dudga Construction Plcrelocated to their own Head Office in Addis Ababa.



Grade 1 Building Contractor

Dudga Construction Plc became a Grade 1 Building Contractor (BC-1).



Major building projects

Dudga Construction Plc completed 7 major building projects around the country.



Ramada 4 star International Hote

Dudga Construction Plc completed Ramada 4 star International Hotel, Bole Road, Addis Ababa.



Ready mix concrete

Dudga Construction Plc added ready mix concrete and specialized foundation



First five specialist foundation projects

Dudga Construction Plc completed its first five specialist foundation projects in Addis Ababa.



Our first road construction project

Dudga Construction Plc started their first road construction project

Scope of Work

Engineering excellence, coupled with new technologies and personnel benefits that attracts and develops the best people to work with the company is at the heart of the company’s mission. It was established with an objective of expanding in the following sectors with excellent performance and providing quality products and services in:


• Post tensioning
• Precast concrete structures
• Infrastructure of roads, water works, railways, dams, bridges, aviation
• Power and energy
• Supply of construction and finishing materials
• Construction machinery and equipment rental
• Real Estate developmen